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Welcome to LEM Limited

Lem limited provide the best support to the companies who wants to import and export.We inquire the product which you want to find and we import it.We inquire the seller for your selling products and we make the integral operation....

Our Vision

Our company with its experience senses the customers expectation,commit the required operation.In customer expectation we connect the faith of service with an integrity,focus on objective and analytical ,administrate with high motivation and cooperation .It contributes to its future inquiry and economy and maintain its innovative leader position.

Our Mission

In direction of customer's demand for our customers claims,depends to give positive reply,to renovate ourselves,to derive benefit from technological development, to get value to the market and to supply contribution to the employment.


1 - Adequate price inquiry.
2 - Adequate supplier inquiry.
3 - Cooperation with factory,if it required to view the production line stage and present the details of packing to the customer.
4 - Mutual bargain with companies and make P/I which include integral conditions.
5 - Control of  production in every stage and to receive. 
6 - Control of container loadings.
7 - To track the business in official process.
8 - Interpreting and quiding services are given by our company.


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Import-Export Is Our Business

 Let us export your products with a profitable way via Lem Limited.Let us import the product which you want in a best way.


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